Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick gift idea

I did this (not as a last minute gift. i put a lot of thought into it so others wouldn't have to) as a gift for my sister. I like a few posts before showed, began crocheting. My Grandma and Grandpa had at one point given me some crochet hooks and yarn and i had put it off because every time i tried, i got discouraged because my things weren't turning out right. Well, it got closer to winter, and i wanted to make some hats. I pulled out those Crochet hooks and yarn and began to read the pattens. My sister also thought it looked cool, so she borrowed some of my mom's stuff, so when Christmas came around, i knew just what to do!
I bought some yarn and some hooks. I (here comes the creative part. yay!) took some cute scrapbook paper and wrapped it around, after cutting it to the width i wanted it, the label part. I put them in a box and wrapped it all cute, she has used some of it. Here is the video: