Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's spring. These are some things I love about spring. It means that it's almost time for us to go up to our cabin. The birds are out. i thought that this picture was funny. It was taken up at our cabin last summer. the bird was trying to start his nest. We stayed outside and watched it for a while. Here is another one of our bird friends up at our cabin. These birds always stay in this birdhouse and we love to see when the babies hatch. This when one of the parents was coming out to get food. They are fun to watch too.

this is something that sierra made. It's a jelly fish. She got a sewing machine and was learning how to use it. She loves stuffed animals, so she decided to make one.
1. cut out two circles of fabric.

2. then get the ribbons of your choice

3. sew a straight stitch up the ribbons (don't pull yet) and be sure not to back stitch.

4. pin it (if patterned fabric, right sides together) with the ribbons tucked inside with little tabs hanging out so your sure to sew them in place.

5. on the last step i hope you remembered to leave a hole. if you did, flip it inside out and stitch up the hole. if you forgot to leave a hole, unpick it and retrace your steps.

6. now you can pull the tentacles to make them wavy. if you'd like you can also tie off the ends so that they stay wavy.

7. have fun with your new little friend.