Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cute giveaway at Blissful and Domestic

The Blog Blissful and domestic is having a super cute giveaway! I really am in love with some of the hair accessories! The accessories are from Buttons -n- blossoms, and i am really loving all of their stuff!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick gift idea

I did this (not as a last minute gift. i put a lot of thought into it so others wouldn't have to) as a gift for my sister. I like a few posts before showed, began crocheting. My Grandma and Grandpa had at one point given me some crochet hooks and yarn and i had put it off because every time i tried, i got discouraged because my things weren't turning out right. Well, it got closer to winter, and i wanted to make some hats. I pulled out those Crochet hooks and yarn and began to read the pattens. My sister also thought it looked cool, so she borrowed some of my mom's stuff, so when Christmas came around, i knew just what to do!
I bought some yarn and some hooks. I (here comes the creative part. yay!) took some cute scrapbook paper and wrapped it around, after cutting it to the width i wanted it, the label part. I put them in a box and wrapped it all cute, she has used some of it. Here is the video:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crepe paper flowers

okay tia, this one is for you.
so look at these lovely flowers.
I made some with my mom the other night.
If you'd like a tutorial, well you can get it here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

okay, so the other day at the fabric store, this is the fabric i saw. Isn't it cute. I asked my mom to make a skirt out of it. She added lace to the bottom and added an elastic. Yay!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's spring. These are some things I love about spring. It means that it's almost time for us to go up to our cabin. The birds are out. i thought that this picture was funny. It was taken up at our cabin last summer. the bird was trying to start his nest. We stayed outside and watched it for a while. Here is another one of our bird friends up at our cabin. These birds always stay in this birdhouse and we love to see when the babies hatch. This when one of the parents was coming out to get food. They are fun to watch too.

this is something that sierra made. It's a jelly fish. She got a sewing machine and was learning how to use it. She loves stuffed animals, so she decided to make one.
1. cut out two circles of fabric.

2. then get the ribbons of your choice

3. sew a straight stitch up the ribbons (don't pull yet) and be sure not to back stitch.

4. pin it (if patterned fabric, right sides together) with the ribbons tucked inside with little tabs hanging out so your sure to sew them in place.

5. on the last step i hope you remembered to leave a hole. if you did, flip it inside out and stitch up the hole. if you forgot to leave a hole, unpick it and retrace your steps.

6. now you can pull the tentacles to make them wavy. if you'd like you can also tie off the ends so that they stay wavy.

7. have fun with your new little friend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

well, here is one of my latest project. i taught myself how to crochet and then i made some hats. the ends aren't tucked in in this picture, but still you get the point. i have lots of hats and lots of flowers, both of which i sell. let me know if you are interested. Again i'm a little too late. it's not hat season anymore, but i guess i'm prepared for next year.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Corn Husk Dolls

I know that this is not the season for this anymore, but i thought i would post it anyway. First we just made corn husk dolls, then as christmas came closer, we became more creative. We worked with the neighbors a few different afternoons and finally had a cut little nativity. i may just have to repost this later in the year, but oh well.

1st get about 4 nice (soaked for about 15 minutes before starting) strips of corn husks, and lay T Them on top of each other. Then you fold them over and tie the fold to make a head ( we used some juke kind of stuff that looked earthy, but anything really works). then take a few more pieces. Fold them and tie both ends, these are for the arms, and clip the folded one. trim them to make them look nice. After this is done, open the body of the doll and place the arms. You will tie underneath to keep the arms in place, so make sure they are all of the way to the first tie. After you tie the arms in, take some more pieces (if using indian corn we used the purple/red pieces to make the skirt) and place around the lower part. Like i said, this will be the skirt, so you can add more pieces to make a fuller skirt or if you'd like you can skip this step altogether (remember to tie them). We wanted more shoulder so we took some pieces and put them on the doll like a scarf and tie. Here is your doll. You can probably find better instructions with pictures or drawings of each step, but either way have fun doing it.

Homemade Volcano

Okay, so everyone's seen this one before, but sierra had to make a volcano for school so we documented it.
1 pop bottle (ours was a 3 liter)
depending on the size of your bottle you will need 1 to 2 cups of vinegar
also depending on the size of your bottle, you will need about 1/4 cup of baking soda.
a few drops of red food coloring (unless you want a unique volcano with some green or blue)
(use more or less if needed)

We started with the baking soda in our bottle and in a cup mixed the food coloring and vinegar. Then we quickly poured them into the bottle (already full of baking soda) and stood back.
It was so fun that we did it a few times. This is especially fun with younger kids who have never seen this before. the end result, a bubbly volcano. when i was younger we put toy dinosaurs around the bottom of the bottle and pretended it was a prehistoric eruption. Be creative and have fun with it.